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Drill Bits, Casing and Cementing

  • Bit Types
  • Rolling Cutter Bits
  • Polycrystalline Diamond Bits
  • Standard Classification of Bits
  • Rock Removal Mechanisms
  • Erosion by find Jet Action Crushing or percussion
  • Torsion or twisting
  • Failure Mechanisms of Rolling Cutter Bits
  • Bit Selection and Evaluation
  • Grading Tooth Wear
  • Grading Bearing Wear
  • Abnormal Bit Wear
  • Factors Affecting Tooth Wear
  • Effect of Tooth High on Rate of Tooth wear
  • Effect of Rotary speed on Rats of tooth Wear
  • Factors Affecting Bearing Wear
  • Terminating a Bit Run
  • Factors Affecting penetration Rate Bit Type
  • Formation characteristics
  • Bit Tooth Wear Bit Hydraulics
  • Penetration Rate Equation
  • Bit Operation
  • Introduction: gives the scope, general information and definition for the standard.
  • Design: Gives Procedures for Drill Stem Design. Industry Accepted Design Formulas are employed, but the Design Methodology is presented in easy-to-use Worksheets.
  • Inspection: Presents recommended inspection methods and required procedures for used drill pipe. Rotary shouldered connections, heavy weight drill pipe and drill collars.